Centro público de enseñanza

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    La Enseñanza de la Religión en los Centros Públicos de Enseñanza.
    Is this a generic term for public / State schools, or is this a specific type of "teaching / learning centre" ?

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  2. juandiego

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    Spanish from Spain
    I'd say it is the generic term for Public Schools but all this nomenclature usually changes so often in Spain that I can not assure it. In this sense, it is important to know that education is nowadays transfered to regional goverments, so it can not be 'State', at least.
  3. Herodiades Senior Member

    México, spanish
    In Mexico, when you used the adjective "public" within this context, it means that it is a school (can be primary school or even university) sponsored by the government (municipal, estatal o federal) and, generally, they are free.
  4. eclypse Senior Member

    That is a very valid point. Being on the safe side, I will keep "public schools" thank you ;)
  5. VocabloTrad Senior Member

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    For the record, this is not the "safe side", it's the "opposite side".

    In the UK, among other countries, a public school is an independent (private) fee-charging institution (often including board and of single sex). A state school is funded by the taxpayer for everyone.

    "Public" means open to the general public, as opposed to private schools which are not, but for a large fee.


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