cereally, yoghurty crap

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En el texto, un chico maleducado que pregunta groseramente por el desayuno. "Cereally, yoghurty crap", ¿significa "mierda de cereales con yogur" o algo similar?
"Is breakfast a fry-up or some cereally, yoghurty crap?" is my response, and I know the second it's out of my stupid mouth that it's the wrong thing to say.
—¿Es un desayuno completo, o esa mierda de cereales con yogur? —es mi respuesta, y al segundo de salir de mi estúpida boca sé que es la respuesta equivocada.
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    Yes, though I wouldn't translate "fry-up" like you did. The speaker is basically just making a distinction between a hot and a cold meal; a fry-up could be like, eggs and bacon, not necessarily a full breakfast.
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