ceremonies that held at the beginning/end of a semester


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What terms can be applied to ceremonies that held at the beginning/end of a semester?
In my high school, there are such ceremonies that the principal delivers a speech and makes an anouncement of the start or the end of a semester and sometimes honors some students.
Commencement ceremony and Graduation ceremony do not work here, because they're limited to graduates.
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    I have seen the term "convocation" used for these in AE.

    This is a general term. It doesn't specify if the convocation is held to commemorate the beginning of a semester, at its end, or at some other time for some other reason. For example, one university I taught at has an annual "honors convocation" about a month before the end of the spring term to show the accomplishments of members of its undergraduate honors program. Institutional traditions may make it clear what convocation is meant, especially if your school only has one per year. Otherwise, you have to be more specific.


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    You could also use "opening day ceremonies" for the US, but usually it's only for announcements such as new initiatives, new curriculum, etc., not student awards.


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    None of the four colleges/universities I have attended ever had such a thing.

    If they did, I doubt if anybody would want to waste the time going.


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    Syracuse University (in the 1960s) had such an opening day ceremony. The Chancellor of the university spoke, "Look to the right of you; look to the left of you; one of them will not graduate..."

    We had a commencement ceremony (also called "commencement exercises)where we were given our diplomas (2 out of 3 of us, that is).


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    In a high school, such an event would be called an assembly.

    I agree with sdgraham that such a thing would not be common in a college or university in the US for the entire school, although there might be some sort of welcoming event for members of a particular program (for example, the holders of fellowships, or the new members of a doctoral program in a particular field.)
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