cero y el spam [ span ] al generar concentraciones

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  1. JamesSelbor Member

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    Hello. I am translating a text related to environmental testing from Spanish to English and I came across the word "spam" in a context that I am completely unfamiliar with. The context is as follows:

    "Se ajustó el cero y el spam al generar concentraciones de 0 ppm y 40 ppm, en caso de..."

    It appears to be calibration techniques but even so, I remain unclear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. abeltio Senior Member

    Spanish, Argentina
    Se ajustó el cero y el span (in spanish they should have said: se ajustó el cero y el rango)
  3. Mastoc Senior Member

    Zero and span were adjusted for concentrations of 0 ppm and 40 ppm...
    or zero and span were adjusted when concentrations of 0 ppm and 40 ppm were generated.
  4. JamesSelbor Member

    American English
    Thank you both for your responses. This is a case of a misspelled word in Spanish. Zero and Span is a calibration setting. Again, thank you both for your help in this matter.
    AKA JamesSelbor

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