Certificacion de sentencia de divorcio

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    Hola, I'm translating my fiance's divorce decree for immigration purposes, and need some feedback on a few parts. The translation doesn't feel that smooth, so I'd appreciate any help you can offer.

    I have: Moreover, I certify that by the same Decree, the Court agreed:
    I have: Deliver to the interested party that has requested this in view of it only taking effect in the exterior.

    I have: No pronouncements were made on provisional measures due to the spouses not having produced children in the marriage; no spousal alimony; no pronouncements were made as far as the housing.

    Agradezco muchisimo su ayuda!
  2. David

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    Acuerdo does mean agreement, but here it means "ordered".

    I certify moreover that in the aforementioned decree, the TRibunal ordered:

    Deliver to the interested party for purposes of extending its effect abroad.

    No judgment issued regarding child support, as the marriage did not produce issue. No spousal support. No orders regarding the residence.
  3. brillit New Member

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    Thank you, David!!!!

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