Certificacion del expediente de Vida (HUH?)

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    Certificacion del expediente de Vida (HUH?)
    This is the title to a Honduran Document issued by a Registro Civil as a Marriage Certificate. Expediente de Vida, literal translation "Certificate of Life" sounds awful. Any Catrachos or others with a better idea. . . No diacriticals in original and I searched the Forum, Gracias!!
    Further research reveals this is a new title for these documents as of January 2nd of this year in accordance with the government of Honduras...http://www.google.com/webhp?source=....,cf.osb&fp=b4837f5b53f6b747&biw=1152&bih=749
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    Greetings, Markoregistrado!!
    I see no one answered.
    What did you choose as your translation? I have the same thing and am mulling it over with no idea yet.
    I would appreciate knowing what you did.
  3. David

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    Certification of a Vital Record (Vital here refers to a "life record," i.e. birth, marriage, death certificate, etc.)
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    Thanks, David!
    I like your translation with that added explanation!
    As for me, I played around with AUTHENTICATION OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE. (I've adjusted my work and added your version) Now it remains to see if my proofer prefers your version to mine. Haha!!

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