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Hola foreros,

Tengo una duda. Traduzco:

"Los certificados, constancias o diplomas serán otorgados por las instituciones públicas y los particulares que señalen los lineamientos citados."

I have:

"Certificates, certifications or diplomas shall be granted by the public or private institutions indicated by the [above] mentioned guidelines."

However, it seems that both "certificados" and "certificados" are translated as "certificates" – so I basically invented "certifications" here, in an attempt to distinguish the two. I have no reason to believe that this is accurate.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you so much for your time!
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    A "certificado" is an official document certifying or confirming something, a "constancia" is a written attestation but may not be an official certification. In a nonacademic context a "diploma" may refer to something other than a degree: a credential referring to a right, a prize, etc.

    In your sentence they are all granted or awarded by public institutions, so the difference in terms may just indicate that different institutions give them different names, and I think your translation uses three English words which satisfactorily convey the meaning of the three words in the original.