Certificado de capacidad matrimonial o soltería

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by Colombine, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. Colombine Member

    Brussels, Belgium
    Spain - Spanish
    Does anyone know how the name of this document translates?!


    Mil gracias.
  2. lauranazario

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    Hi Colombine... and welcome to WordReference.

    I will transfer this thread to the Legal Terminology forum.

  3. begoña fernandez Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Hola Colombine,

    I think that "Marriage Certificate and Unmarried State Certificate" is enough for a title.
  4. Colombine Member

    Brussels, Belgium
    Spain - Spanish
    Mmm....how about; Certificate of Single Marital Status OR Single Marital Status Certificate? Sound good?

    Really, many, many thanks!!!
  5. Transatellite Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    Hi Everyone,

    In this moment i am translating an australian "certificado de soltería", but it is not called like that or like you said, it is simply an statement that in the Register of Marriages there was no entry for the person, it is entitled "No record" result.
    Anyway Id like to see a hispanic "certificado de soltería" where people get them, what they look like, ive been searching the net but i didnt see anyone...If someone could help me...I would be very grateful

    Saludos a todos!!!
  6. Plattis New Member

    Guatemala / Spanish
  7. cheyogarcia New Member

    "por lo que se le extiende constancia de solteria"
  8. cheyogarcia New Member

    another option in english could be"CERTIFICATE OF SPINSTERHOOD"
  9. cheyogarcia New Member

    Hey i wan to know how i can say" por lo que se le extiende certificado de solteria"
  10. Anwar Boylston Senior Member

    New York
    U.S.A.; English
    Colombine: In New York there is no such certificate, and I can't think there is any such legal idea. Perhaps the idea is "Certificate of Entry Not Found in Marriage Registry." "Spinsterhood" trata de mujeres solamente y es pasado de moda. Todo depende en el uso legal.
  11. Markoregistrado Member

    Rockville, Maryland, USA
    English/Ingles USA/EE UU
    This is a bit late but, Spinsterhood is not a term I have seen used in legal documents of this type. It is more common in literary translations.
    The only analogous document I can think of is a Police Certificate stating there are no records that exist of a particular person. After 14 years of practicing law and almost ten as a full time translator and interpreter I have never seen a similar document here in the United States.

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