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    Hola buenas, necesito escribir una carta al director de un instituto de Florida en el que estuve dando clases de ingles en Julio y necesito que me envíe en certificado que acredite que yo cursé su programa mensual de estudios... ¿pero cómo puede preguntar esto? Es correcto

    If it's posible to be sent a certificate of the studies I did at **** Highschool on July 2008 by fax?

    Por favor, alguna sugerencia!

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    Did you you receive a grade for this course? If so, in the U.S., we normally use the word "transcript" to describe what you are talking about. If there were no grades, a "certificate of attendance" might work.

    Another problem: what you have written is not a complete sentence. You could say "Is it possible" etc. (don't forget, two "s"'s!).
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    Sure! I didn't notice my misspellings. Thank you, new yorker!
  5. Nevermind.1991 New Member

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    Lo siento mucho, no suelo postear sin antes informarme, peor es que esto me urge sobremanera. Muchas gracias!
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    I agree. Normally, I would contact the office of the registrar (not the director) and ask for a transcript. Big programs often have websites that explain the procedures for doing this. Some of them require signatures in order to release documents, and they may insist on original copies (not faxes) of those signatures. It depends on the program.

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