certificado de suficiencia investigadora

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  1. Teresa68

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    I am translating my resume into English, and I'm not sure how to say "certificado de suficiencia investigadora" in English.

    The "certificado de suficiencia investigadora" is a certificate you are granted in Spain when you have finished your doctorate courses but you still need to write your dissertation. It implies you are prepared to be a researcher or to do good quality research.

    I have checked other threads about this expression, but I don't agree very much with the suggestions.

    Does "certificate of research proficiency" sound right? Other options: "certificate of proficiency as a researcher" or "certificate of research aptitute". Other suggestions?
  2. chicanul Senior Member

    "Certificate of research proficiency" sounds good to me....I don't think there is an exact equivalent....feel free to pm me for any more help....
  3. Teresa68

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    Spanish (Spain) & Galician
    Thank you!

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