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Hi everyone. Natives, please help me!

I've got a problem with my vocabulary). Let's say I've got a paper that gives me a permission to take one can of coke in the shop for free.

What is the correct name of this paper? Is it "certificate"?

How do you call the operation when I give this certificate to the salesman and he gives me a coke? Is it "realization of certificate"?
  • kentix

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    That's frequently called a coupon, or maybe a voucher. You redeem the coupon or voucher to obtain your product. It's definitely not a certificate in American English.

    One difference between a coupon and a voucher is that many times a coupon only gives you a discount on a product. You still have to pay something. A voucher usually means it's completely free.

    Redemption is the noun form of redeem.
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