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Another question about "Marrying Absurd" dl.ccc.cccd.edu/classes/internet/english100kn/MarryingAbsurd.pdf by Joan Didion CLICK:
... the photographer hired by The Little Church of the West (“Wedding Place of the Stars”) certifies the occasion, takes the picture ...
This sentence is in the last but one paragraph.
Is the photographer taking the picture to certify the wedding, or the western weddings must be certified? I know there must be witnesses, but can a photographer certify a wedding and take/besides taking pictures? What is done in a wedding certification, if such action is part of the procedure?
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    I think the photographer certifies the occasion in a figurative sense rather than formal.
    Anyone who gets married is expected to have a photograph of the event.
    In the midst of this rushed, production line wedding process the photograph of the happy couple in full wedding gear is just another of the elements that make up "the facsimile of proper ritual" (see the link).
    - Posed photo on the way in;
    - Bride in veil, groom in white DJ;
    - Bride's attendant in pink;
    - Kitch organ music;
    - Mother of bride cries;
    - Stepfather of bride feels awkward;
    - Wedding over;
    - Next please.

    Oops, did I miss out the actual ceremony?
    Sorry, it didn't seem to feature in the original article either :)

    The photographer is simply one element in the caricatured wedding process, not a legal requirement.


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    so it can be rewritten as "the photographer takes the picture, certifying the wedding", i.e. the photographer certifys the wedding in taking the picture?

    panjandrum, it's always great fun to read your replies.
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