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Hi, again

I would like to make sure that I correctly understood a sentence from Marriage License issued for priests to solemnize the marriages:

State of Texas - Marriage License;
To all licensed or ordained Christian Ministers and Priests, Jewish Rabbis, or persons who are officers of religious organizations, and who are duly authorized by the organization to conduct marriage ceremonies, Justices of the supreme court, Judges of the court of criminal appeals, Justices of the courts of civil appeals, Judges of the district, county, and probate curts, Judges of the county courts at law, courts of domestic relations and juvenile courts, Justices of the peace, and Judges of the Federal courts of this State:
You Are Authorized To Celebrate the
Rites of Matrimony
between XX
and YY
and make due return to the Clerk of the County Court of Dallas County, Texas within 30 days thereafter, certifying your action under this license.
Honourable ZZZ, County Clerk, Dallas County, Texas

Does it mean that a priest should return this license to county clerk after marriage has been performed and only after this performance of this marriage by this priest would be deemed legal?

Thank you

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    I don't think the marriage would be not considered legal until the license is returned to the clerk, but it has to be returned for the marriage to be recorded.


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    From what I can tell from the Texas Family Code, the marriage is considered legal when it is performed. If the registration is not received within 30 days, the celebrant (priest, judge, etc as listed) has committed a misdemeanor subject to a fine of $200 to $500.
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