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Hi all,

I got stuck with this sentence when I was translating an agreement from English.

The Employer hereby covenants to certify payments of the Contract Price to the Contractor in consideration of the carrying out and completion of the construction of the Works at the times and in the manner prescribed by the Contract.
What does certify here mean? To validate payments or to guarantee that the Contractor will get the money once the works are completed as required?

(No source or more context can be given here since this is from a client who'd get mad at the disclosure. Sorry for that. Hope it is enough for you to give a reliable answer. If not, moderator, please delete this post. )

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    It is not an expression I am familiar with, though it seems to make sense.
    I found a number of examples suggesting that to "certify payment" must include authorising payment and may also include some aspect of setting the payment process in motion.

    If we find that you are entitled to any payment under title II of the Social Security Act, we will certify payment to the Railroad Retirement Board if you meet any of the following requirements: SOURCE

    If the project manager fails to certify payment of an activity when it is completed, this will also place the employer in breach of its payment obligations. SOURCE

    The architect should only certify payment for work that is included in the architect's scope of work. SOURCE
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