cervix is still left

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Hello all,
I work in a hospital and I am frequently asked to help interpret for Spanish speaking patients. Sometimes, during OB interpretations (the birth of a baby), the doctor will say after examining the cervix that "Some of the cervix is still left, we need to wait until the rest of it goes away."

Normally I interpret this in the following way but I was wondering if anything had a better idea:
"Todavía falta algo para que el cuello del útero se dilate por completo... necesitamos esperar a que se dilate completamente...".

¿Qué les parece? Gracias de antemano.

I was thinking you can probably take out the second part because it basically repeats what the first part says. But let me know what you think.
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    Hi Riancharles,

    Here there are some options:

    Aún persiste algo del cuello uterino, necesitamos esperar a que se dilate completamente.
    Aún no se borra todo el cuello uterino, necesitamos...
    Aún queda un poco del cuello uterino sin dilatar, necesitamos...

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