cesión de derechos y acciones hereditarias

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  1. enciclopedia New Member

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    En un poder figura el término "cesión de derechos y acciones hereditarias." ¿Cuál sería el término correspondiente en inglés?


  2. jalina

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    que tal: "cession of hereditary rights and remedies"?
  3. enciclopedia New Member

    Muchas gracias, jalina, por su respuesta. Por ser un trabajo urgente y luego de buscar en la internet, opté por el término "inheritance rights and actions' deed," ya que se trataba de una escritura de cesión de derechos y acciones hereditarias.


  4. Arrarra New Member

    Estoy haciendo algo relacionado con esto, pero no sé, Inheritance Rights Assignment me suena tan forzado, ¿hay alguna traducción mejor?

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  5. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

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    Why don't you describe the rights and powers in the instrument, and maybe you can get better help that way. It may be that the title doesn't translate directly but the concepts embodied in the document do.
  6. robjh22 Senior Member

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    "Assignment of inheritance rights and actions" sounds fine to my ear, and believe I have seen that phrase in writing before.

    I have to admit that I do not know exactly what an "inheritance action" would be. I suppose it would include a lawsuit by an heir to collect money due to an estate, or an action by an heir to invalidate a will, or an action to disallow a claim against the estate. What do you think, Ricardo?
  7. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

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    I am awaiting a description of the rights and powers.
  8. Arrarra New Member

    The content of the contract would be an assignment of different goods that belonged to a dead relative of the person who is making it, as well as any other rights and actions in connection to those goods that the person might have inherited.

    As for the part of actions, I'm not really sure the term exists, but I thought the same as robjh22, so I put it.

    Thank you!
  9. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

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    Assignment can have several meanings. I can assign a duty to someone or I can assign my right to something to someone, for example. What is meant here by that word?

    Who are the parties to the contract?
  10. litiga8or

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    To me, this sounds like an assignment of a "CHOSE IN ACTION" of a survival action or a wrongful death action.

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