Cessation of overweight


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Hi. I'm kind of new in this forum. In the past I have found the most of the solution of the doubts and questions that I had. However, now I have an question and I have not been able to find the solution in other threads.

My doubt it about the spanish translation of "cessation of overweight", that I have read it in an medical journal paper. Here the context: "Similar results were found in longitudinal analyses for the cessation of overweight"

My try: "Se encontraron resultados similares en análisis longitudinales para la disminución/cese del sobrepeso".

For me it sound awful!!!

Thanks for any help

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    This sounds awful in the original English also. Sometimes there's no help for a badly written original, is there?


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    Yeah... I guess you both are right.

    Thanks for your opinions, it's good to know that I'm not the only one to think it sounds awful in both languages
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