C'est que révéler un secret n'est pas anodin


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Good Eveining everybody.

I'm seeking some help in translating the following passage from a French magazine:

C'est que révéler un secret n'est pas anodin. Mieux vaut y réfléchir à deux fois avant de se lancer. Dans notre siècle voué à la transparence, gavé de téléréalité, cette prudence n'est plus de mise. Et en peut le regretter.

My attempted translation:

.............. a secret that's not safe/innocent. Better to consider it a few times before becoming involved. In our century dedicated to transparency, force fed on reality relevision, this caution is not out of place.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.
  • lingogal

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    Glad to help. The "c'est que..." part is something like "It's just that..."
    Without more context it is difficult to say for sure.


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    Hello lingogal,

    You can use reveal, or you can use disclose or unveil as well.

    like Milander say :
    reveal = show from behind a barrier
    unveil = to remove the barrier and show the hidden truth
    disclose = to show what is already known

    Hope this help,

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