C'est trop fort


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I assume this expression means in English "It's too strong". But what I want to know is whether this is a commonly used expression in French that has another connotation. If someone wrote, "C'est trop fort!!" in response to something, what would you assume it to mean? Does it automatically have a bad or good connotation or would it depend on the context?

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    The word "trop" means basically "too" but it is sometimes used to say "très" as well.
    "C'est trop fort!" can be translated in several different ways depending on the context :) (Ex. It's really strong (about love)! It's too bright (about lights)! It's too loud (about music playing)!...etc.). "C'est trop fort" might also be "It's too much!"
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    One other context where I have heard "C'est trop fort" is in response to a funny story or humorous situation. When I would tell my ex-girlfriend a story about how I embarrassed myself trying to speak French, she would double-over laughing and say "c'est trop fort" with great enthusiasm. :rolleyes: So, in that case I would translate it as "it's too much" - which is pretty much clear from the context.


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    My reply to your question may be a little late but the other two answers are perfectly right and mine is only an additional meaning of this expression.
    It is very commonly used in an informal discussion to express one's enthusiasm about something, it is the equivalent of "It's awesome!" or "It's terrific!". Mostly used by young people :)