C'est un bien grand mot.

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  1. Jack C New Member

    USA English
    In a newsgroup post, I stated:
    "Peut-être nous sommes tous coupables d'une interprétation extravagante."
    A reply post said:
    "Coupables, c'est un bien grand mot."
    Did the poster mean I misused the word? Perhaps "coupable" is too strong or misused by me, not a native French speaker. Elle se moquait de moi?
  2. depassage Member

    France; French

    Non, elle ne se moquait pas de toi. tout au plus, elle disait ça en souriant. :)
    Indeed, "coupable" means "guilty" and is a very strong word.
    You can use it in a figurative way, though, but you don't have to feel guilty for a bad translation, a mistake is not a crime ;)
    Au pire, tu es "blâmable, fautif..."
    Mais je pense que tu voulais dire : "nous avons commis une erreur d'interprétation."
  3. Jack C New Member

    USA English
    Dépassage....Merci beaucoup! That clarifies it quite a bit. I was really trying to say, "I think we were all overinterpreting...." But I couldn't find an equivalent word. Your suggestion seems like what I was trying to say.....


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