cette analyse ne tient pas debout

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    Hello !

    I wanted to say "this analysis doesn't hold when banks are taking too much risks" but one friend corrected me with "this analysis doesn't stand when banks (...)" (I'm speaking about a general reasonning). I read that 'stand' would be ok when speaking about a decision/an offer/a law but I don't for for a reasonning. Does anyone know which one is right ? Would 'apply' be ok as well ?
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    Je ne pense pas que hold soit réellement incorrect, mais to stand up m'a l'air bien plus courant :) Au pire : it no longer works ou it gets wrong...
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    Hello, juls21

    …doesn't make sense
    is what I would say most naturally.

    Or figuratively: It doesn't hold water. (See this thread.)
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    I find this perfectly understandable and acceptable, if the meaning is that the analysis itself breaks down, or is inapplicable, when applied to banks that are taking too many risks. In fact, if this is the case and the writing is of an academic nature, to me "hold" would be particularly well suited.
    The best choice will of course depend on the surrounding sentences and the tone of the writing (e.g., whether one is writing formally for an educated audience or more casually for the average person). Do you have more context, for example the general point being made* and immediately preceding sentence?
    *For example, is the intent to say, as I have presumed, that an economic analysis which works under certain conditions doesn't work under this condition?
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    Thanks everyone !
    Yes Tochka the meaning is exactly what you guessed when you said "the analysis itself breaks down, or is inapplicable, when applied to banks that are taking too many risks". I said before this sentence that one argument often used in order to justify why banks are more leveraged than usual companies is that their return is more predictable than the one of usual companies BUT this analysis no longer works / doesn't hold under the conditions described above. That is exactly what you described, and so I'll keep "hold" :)

    Thanks :)
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    Happy if it helped. Good luck!

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