cette expérience présente beaucoup d'avantages

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  1. barbarino25 Senior Member

    I would like to translate the following sentence into English:

    Cette expérience présente beaucoup d'avantages.

    My try:

    This experience offers a lot of advantages

    Would the word "present" work in this context?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. wistou Senior Member

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    I think "offers" fits much better than "presents" would.

    My own proposal would be:

    "This experimentation offers many benefits"
  3. barbarino25 Senior Member

    thanks for your answer!
  4. We don't use "experimentation" in English.

    Quelle est l'expérience et les avantages dans ce context ?
  5. barbarino25 Senior Member

    It's about studying English abroad for a year; so instead of saying that : there are advantages and disadvantages to this way of learning, I wanted to say:
    this experience does not only offer advantages
  6. wistou Senior Member

    Toulouse, France
    French - France

    With the context provided later, I agree "experimentation" was not relevant, but another context (medical) it is what you would use...

  7. barbarino25 Senior Member

    Thanks a lot
  8. but the above is very different than your first sentence:

    Cette expérience présente beaucoup d'avantages.


  9. barbarino25 Senior Member

    yep! you're right! In fact, it doesn't matter whether it offers advantages or not. The word which matters is the word "offer:" I just wanted to know if it was proper English.

    Sorry again!
  10. OK. I think it's better to say:

    Studying abroad presents many advantages (or opportunities)
  11. barbarino25 Senior Member

    OK! Thanks for your reply!

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