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    Field and topic:
    This is about extractor hoods. I understand those terms refer to the hood's power and level of noise. However, I've only heard of db, not sones. Thank you for your suggestions. :)

    Sample sentence:
    Extractor hood with 3 different speeds. Can be completed with charcoal filter.
    400 CFM.
    6.93 sones
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    Los sones, desde luego, NPI. Los cfm podrían ser Cubic feet / minute?
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    Sones: describes the overall loudness of sounds that contain one
    or more frequencies.
    according to
    ventingdirect. com/ pdfs/ Broanspecs/ 99041073.pdf
    edu365. com/ aulanet/ comsoc/ model_soroll/ SOR.xls

    Rossing, Chapter 6: Sections 1-4, 6, 9
    Measured sound levels (pressure and intensity)

    Roughly, an increase in loudness level by 10 phons means a sound is perceived to be twice as loud (the number of sones will double, according to Rossing Equation 6.5).

    The loudness in sones from different sources can be added together (you cannot do this with sound levels in dB! ), which means that a 4 Sone sound will seem twice as loud as a 2 Sone sound (even if the sounds contain different frequencies).
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    ¡Muchas gracias a los dos!

    Rholt, te agradezco mucho tu explicación, ahora bien, lo que necesito es saber cómo se llama eso en español, para incluirlo en la traducción del texto que incluí en mi primer mensaje. Gracias y saludos, :)
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    Estupendo, Ángel, mil gracias. Yo solo conocía el son cubano, que no es exactamente lo mismo... Saludos, :)

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