CFS - transfer the goods to CFS in the port

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    Hi to everyody!I am searching for a good webside of the abbreviations.Could somebody explain me, what the abbreviation "CFS" could mean in the following context: "We will transfer the goods to CFS in the port. Then your shipping company will ship them." I have translated it like:" nosotros transportamos la mercancia hasta ???? en el puerto. Luego vuestra empresa de transporte carga la mercancia." Please all opinions are welcome.Thank you very much in advance.Regards.
  2. CFS (Container Freight Station) - The term CFS at loading port means the location designated by carriers for the receiving of cargo to be packed into containers by the carrier. At discharge ports, the term CFS means the bonded location designated by carriers in the port area for unpacking and delivery of cargo.


    Hope it helps!!!
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    Thank you so much for your help. It is exactly what I was searching for.Regards

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