chèque de garantie


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Qu'est-que ce signifie "un chèque de garantie" en anglais, s'il vous plait?

Le contexte est: Afin de confirmer la réservation de l'appartement il faudra nous adresser un chèque de garantie.

I thought it might mean something like the english term "bankers draft" as a means of transferring from one bank account to another bank account in a different country.

Merci beaucoup.
  • Bluebambi

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    Thank you. I know that it is getting at a deposit but i wondered if it meant in a particular way? Like a normal cheque, bankers draft etc...


    It means you have to give them a cheque as a warranty to make sure you come. they won't cash it in though


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    For example, if you hire a car in France you may be asked to leave ''un cheque de garantie'' (last time for me it was €3000). If you damage the car the cost will be taken from this cheque if there is a problem with the insurance.