chômage partiel

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    Could it be "partial layoffs"...
    Don't think so, employees are not laid off, le chômage partiel is normally an alternative to redundancies.

    "chômage partiel" is "part-time unemployment"
    Not only part-time - at least in France - somestimes le chômage partiel is "total" for a short period (6 weeks maximum now in France)

    short-time working
    I have a doubt, could you explain the meaning, please?

    jsut to clarify.. could it be "part time job" then?
    First of all le chômage partiel isn't a permanent form of work organization, but sometimes employees work part time during the "chômage partiel" period.


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    Do the workers get unemployment benefits if they are short-time working?

    Because, with "chomage partiel", workers are given unemployement benefit for the not-worked part of the year. (In fact company paies them and get back the unemployment benefits, but it's the same).


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    Reverso also refers to chômage partiel as a "furlough." In AE this is also referred to as a "temporary layoff", and the term "part-time" usually denotes a shortened work day and/or work week. Hope this helps.


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    In Britain, if you are put on short-time working, you work reduced hours for reduced pay. If you are laid off, you don't work at all for a period and don't get paid. In both situations, you can claim redundancy if normal working is not restored after a certain nmber of weeks, and in both situations you can claim jobseekers allowance for days not worked.
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