Ch. 6 underspend

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Poor budgeting across quarters has resulted in significant over- and under-spend across all chapters and entities/sectors
AED 0.5 Bn overspend in workforce driven by Ministry of Education
Unexpected delays
Inaccurate quarterly budgeting by entities
Overspend on subsidy driven by AED 2.7 Bn overspend by health sector
Delays in capital projects by Musanada Company driving Ch. 6 underspend
What could "Ch. 6" mean? Could it be Chapter 6 of the budget?
  • entangledbank

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    It's not usual to say a budget has chapters, but there they are in your first sentence: chapters, entities, sectors. 'Ch. 6' would be automatically read as Chapter 6 if the word 'chapter' was possible in that context.
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