chai pô

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    Hello and (almost) welcome to the forums :)
    It's a transcription of "je ne sais pas" (I don't know) pronounced a certain way:
    je ne sais pas => je sais pas => ch'ai pas (very colloquial)
    And some people pronounced "pas" like ""


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    Must be "Je ne sais pas."

    That's how most of us (myself included) say it in Québec. I don't know about other French-speaking countries. "Chai" is both used for "Je sais." and "Je ne sais" and "pô" is how "pas" is pronounced here. Bear in mind that it should only be used in speech and/or chat, never written. :p

    Edit: Oh, noticed someone else beat me to it... Should I delete my post?


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    cheers guys, thats so useful - i wouldn't have guessed that in a million years! (i looked up chai and got "wine warehouse"!)
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