chain grate stoker (boiler)

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    "to stoke" es avivar o mantener, el fuego.

    La idea es, pues, utilizar cadenas como avivadores en el hogar de la caldera, aunque supongo que hay formas específicas de decirlo en el "trade". Ya me contarás.



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    Hi, I'm using the NFPA 85 standard and there is a whole chapter which refers to "stokers". I'm looking for the exact translation to spanish, or the exact meaning in english so I can find the adecuate term. All I know is that it's a kind of boiler which burns solid fuel....

    Example of use: "This chapter shall apply to boilers using a stoker to fire
    the following fuels: coal, wood..."

    I would appreciate if someone can tell me the best translation for that word.

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