chaleco reflectante

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  1. Pelu Member

    Spain - spanish
    Hi Everyone! I Would Like To Know How You Say In English "chaleco Reflectante" Or Simply "chaleco" In Relation To The One Used On The Road By Drivers, Policemen Or Workers.
    Thank You In Advance ....
  2. Yyrkoon

    Yyrkoon Senior Member

    Safety vest
  3. Miss Denmark Member

    Danish, Denmark
    I don't know if there are any technical word for this, but I would say "reflecting waistcoat"
  4. loladamore

    loladamore Senior Member

    Zacatecas, México
    English UK
    There are various possibilities:

    yellow jacket/vest
    (high visibility) reflective jacket/vest
    fluorescent jacket/vest

    and you can add the word safety, to any of these, inserted immediately before jacket.

    If it has sleeves it's a jacket; if not, it's a vest.
  5. dellababy New Member

    English, USA
    "reflective vest" seems best, just like the last person said.
  6. cirrus

    cirrus Senior Member

    Crug Hywel
    UK English
    It depends where the translation is for. In the UK we generally talk about high visibility jackets. A reflective vest makes me want to smile - it sounds as though it is just about to go to confession or has just come out of a funeral. ;-)
  7. lforestier

    lforestier Senior Member

    San Antonio, TX USA
    Puerto Rico - Spanish/English
    In the US, the usual term is Reflective vest. It's vest since you're talking about chaleco. If it was chaqueta, the translation would be Reflective Jacket.
  8. Chaucer Senior Member

    US inglés/español
    In the U.S. police and construction workers would
    probably be injured or killed before somebody could finish
    telling them to put on their "high visibility jacket", so they
    simply say "reflective vest" or "safety jacket" (if the situation is one that it wouldn't be confused with
    a jacket for water sports. Also, persons in those types of
    physical occupations tend to use more concrete terms for their equipment.
    You know Americans, they're nuts-and-bolts types.
  9. And the one used by athletes or other participants in a sport event?? ¿Como se llamaría a esos petos/chalecos, con el número o el nombre de la competición?
  10. cirrus

    cirrus Senior Member

    Crug Hywel
    UK English
    Es otro tema y deberías abrir un nuevo hilo pero como se trata de una pregunta sencilla te doy una pista.

    Si se trata de la cosa que se pone sobre el chaleco, por lo menos aquí se llama tabard. Si es de tela, yo diría running vest.

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