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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Cornelia0, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Cornelia0 New Member

    Hey guys,
    I`m dying to know the meaning of "Chalk one up for..."

    what does this mean?

    (i guess the conversation in which i found that sentence was kinda like,
    A: Oh, you found someone as the newest member of our club?
    Chalk one up for..
    B: "Irma"! she`s a friend of mine.

  2. Old Novice

    Old Novice Senior Member

    USA, English
    "Chalk one up for ..." comes from keeping score in a game on a blackboard. Metaphorically, it means that some factor has led to some sort of victory or accomplishment. Said sarcastically or derisively, it means that the thing leading to the accomplishment is unearned or to be deplored.

    Examples: "Amilia just got an A on her test. Chalk one up for her good study habits."

    "John just got admitted to Harvard. Chalk one up to being born with rich parents."
  3. Cornelia0 New Member

    Oh, thank you so much!

    but it`s not always used for the meaning of being sarcastic, is it?

    So, Old novice,
    could you please tell me something more with the example sentence that i brought in?

    Is it like..
    "A" feels happy about the situation of bringing the new member in her club,
    so she said "Chalk one up for Irma"..., just because she`s happy to see a new member of her club? (kinda like.. she only wants to increase the member of her club)

    oh, sorry....><
    i`m so busted with my English...can`t help it tho'..;(
  4. Old Novice

    Old Novice Senior Member

    USA, English
    It can be said both with (my first example) and without (my second example) sarcasm. As your example shows, it can also be said about the person him- or herself, too, not just the factor leading to the achievement.

    However, it is impossible to know the intent from the phrase you quote without more context. The preson might be genuinely glad for Irma, or might be unhappy that she's been admitted to the club. In the latter case, the "chalk one up" phrase would normally imply disapproval of the reason Irma has been admitted.

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