Chalk oneself up to a summer crush

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  1. yanli

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    Hola a todos, espero se encuentren bien, esta vez estoy leyendo un cuento de chicos que se conocieron un verano y quedaron escribiéndose mutuamente después de que terminó, la chica le escribe y entiendo básicamente lo que quiere decir en la carta, pero la parte final en negrilla no la entiendo ni un poco, me rodrigan ayudar por favor??? no he conseguido ningún hilo que se le parezca:(

    Dear Jhon, I opened your letter and it said to email you about how my first day of my last year of high school went. It was horrible. I found out that the guy that I love is unattainable. It doesn’t help that every girl in my entire school is in love with the new English teacher and won’t stop talking about him. He reminds me of this guy I met at the beach this summer. I am in love with that guy. The most horrible thing is it feels like my heart is literally breaking in my chest and I find it hard to breathe. Even more atrocious than that pain is the pain of being in love and knowing that it is over. I know it has to be over but desperately want to hold onto denial and find some way to make it work. I don’t want to let him go, but he just got his dream job and I know what he will choose. I will chalk myself up to a summer crush and find some way to push on.
    I hope your first day was better. I don’t expect a reply. I have no expectations.

    Lo único que entiendo es que ella ----------------------------:confused: y encontrará la manera de continuar....
  2. aztlaniano

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    Tengo que resignarme al haber supuesto (para él) solo un idilio de verano y encontrar alguna manera de seguir adelante.
  3. Lis48

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    It means to chalk something up to experience.
    To consider it as an experience that will help you deal with similar situations better in the future.
  4. donbeto

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    Por lo general, no se dice "chalk myself up to", sino "chalk it up to". Quiere decir atribuírselo a.

    Voy a atribuírselo a una infatuación/un enamorado de verano y ...
  5. yanli

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    Muchas gracias Aztlaniano, Lis48, y donbeto, han sido de mucha ayuda;)
  6. Lis48

    Lis48 Senior Member

    York, England
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    Maybe: Achacarlo/atribuirlo a la experiencia/anotarlo bajo "experiencia"
  7. yanli

    yanli Senior Member

    Entonces se diría que "chalk myself up to", o "chalk it up to". quiere decir (atribuirlo, achacarlo, haber supuesto para...... a la situación, en este caso, un enamoramiento/idilio de verano)

    Muchas gracias a todos por su ayuda

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