chamber-film phase

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(One has the feeling that the Ingmar Bergman figure in the films, at least in the chamber-film phase,is usually Max VON Sydow.)
from (Ingmar Bergman interviews by Raphael shargel/interview with John Simon)
Could you help me what chamber-film phase means here? Does it mean in the beginning phase???:confused:
Thanks in advance.
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    Chamber music is music played by a small group of instrumentalists. Bergman's trilogy (Through a Glass Darkly / Winter Light / The Silence) is often called the Chamber Trilogy because it uses a small group of the same actors. Those films were made in the early 60s and I suspect that this is the stage of Bergman's work which they are talking about.


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    It's describing a phase in his career when he was shooting "chamber films" -- films shot in a chamber: 1 a large room used for formal or public events.

    It probably also is related to this definition of chamber:6 [as modifier] Music of or for a small group of instruments: a chamber orchestra -- in that there are a small number of actors in the chamber.

    Evidence of this is in this article on Autumn Sonata is an intense yet frequently overlooked family drama. It is excessively talky, and rightly so, with the two main protagonists holed up in a country estate after a seven-year separation to duke out their problems in a passionate dialogue.

    In other words, character-based films that focus on a few actors in a single setting. (Please know that this is just surmise on my part.)

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