chambre sur palier

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  1. Kat123 Senior Member

    Hi all,

    Does "chambre sur palier" mean "bedroom on mezzanine floor" (eg an open room usually taking up a whole floor with no door but maybe a staircase leading up to it)?
  2. makeus Member

    It means that the room is outside the appartment, near the front door..
  3. makeus Member

    excuse me : "chambre sur le palier" means near the front door
    and "sur palier" would mean maybe on mezzanine floor but it's not very used in french...
  4. Austin Pal Senior Member

    "Chambre palière" pour une chambre installée dans une pièce palière...
  5. Kat123 Senior Member

    Thanks for your responses.

    Austin Pal - what is a "pièce palière"?
  6. Austin Pal Senior Member

    Une pièce à l'étage donnant directement sur l'escalier, sans palier intermédiaire...
  7. Kat123 Senior Member

    So my original understanding is correct, then?
  8. Austin Pal Senior Member

    Yes it is !...

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