champú con extracto de Schinus molle L

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently working on my thesis. I have to translate a summary I have written in Spanish into English. My research is about a shampoo using "molle" extract. I am wondering if the words I've chosen are the right ones in my translation. Before I introduce the text I would like you to help me translate, I want to let you know that "molle" is a medicinal plant, mainly found in South America. It is used as a insecticide by rural communities.

    Original text (in Spanish): Con la finalidad de evaluar la eficacia del champú con extracto de Schinus molle L. “molle” en el control de pulgas en caninos, se elaboró champú con extracto acuoso de hojas de molle en concentraciones de 25 y 50%.

    My attempt (in English): In order to evaluate the efficacy of the shampoo with extract of molle (Schinus molle L.) in controlling fleas on dogs, some shampoo was produced with aqueous extract of molle leaves at concentrations of 25% and 50%.

    My question is: Is it ok to say "shampoo with extract of molle" or is there another way to reduce it? I'll keep on posting a couple of more threads. My summary is about one page long, and I just need to clarify some things.

    Thanks to you all in advance,

    Le Polyglotte

    P.S.: Feel free to make more corrections if needed.
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    I like what you have written. You could say molle extract, or even molle leaf extract, but extract of molle sounds better, and especially for a thesis, more technically correct.

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