change "He has the January issue of AMC" to a question


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He has the January issue of AMC.(a language magazine published monthly)

How can I change this sentence to a question?
Possible answers that I can think of:
1. Which issue does he have for AMC?
2. Which month does he have for AMC?

Thank you so much.
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    Which issue of AMC does he have?
    He has the January issue of AMC.

    Edit. No EMP, that isn't correct. The answer to your question would be: "Yes, he does./Yes, he has the January issue".


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    Oh, I was just changing the sentence into the interrogative. I misread the question and didn't realize the given statement was the answer to the question to be formed. Sorry.


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    Other possible questions:
    A) "Does he have any issues of AMC?" ( Answer: "Yes, he has the January issue.")
    B) "Does he have any issues of language magazines?" - (Answer: "Yes, he has the January issue of AMC.")
    c) "For what magazines does he have the January issue?" (Answer: Just "AMC." would do.)
    I'd rephrase 2) in the OP as "For what month does he have an issue/For what months does he have issues of AMC?" (Answer: Just "January.")
    Note that it's "of", not "for".
    And for the answers to the questions, I agree with lc's comment on Emp's first post, which lok said was what he wanted to know, but for lok's answer "He has he January issue of AMC.", I see no need to add "...of AMC."
    I'd also change the word order of the questions in the OP, for what it's worth: "Which issue/month(s) of AMC does he have?"


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    Statement: He has the January issue of AMC.
    Question: Does he have the January issue of AMC.

    The other questions are not arrived at by changing the given statement to a question, as the OP asked. Rather, they provide questions that would yield the given statement as an answer.
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