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By reading another thread, native speakers say "change" to take another but the same kind of transportation such as bus-bus, train-train.

Would you also use "change" when you change from a train to a bus, or an airplane to a train?

e.g. "Take the train to the station and change to a bus to go to the zoo." / "Take the airplane to JFK and change to a subway to go to the city."

If not, do you use other verbs such as "transfer"? Please let me know how you would say it.

Thank you.
  • KennyHun

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    I have a related question: would you prefer "for" with change and "to" with transfer or does it not make a difference?

    E.g. Get on the 2 train and transfer to/change for (and, I would guess, switch to) the A train at X station.


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    For some reason, it's always change for and transfer to for me. I also associate change for with urban transport (say the underground or metro). Might be just me. I'm happy with sandpiperlily's switch to.
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