Change your habits and stick to [it/them]


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Hi, everyone:

Which of these two sentences is correct?

Change your habits and stick to it.


Change your habits and stick to them.

Thank you in advance.
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    I think "them" would sound more natural.

    In a way, the phrase is not completely logical: "Change your habits, and stick to [keep up]/[maintain]/[continue] the changed habits" is the intended meaning, at least by one reading. But that reading, as you may notice, means that the subject represented by "them" -- "changed habits" -- does not really appear in the first half of the sentence.

    Alternatively, "Change your habits and stick to it" would suggest that "it" means "the change made." This is a reasonable interpretation, but it would mean that "change" is a verb in the first part and a noun in the second part. Perhaps that is overcomplicating the matter on my part, but you can see why I find either of the phrases you suggest slightly odd upon further examination.

    "Establish new habits and stick to them" would work.
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