Changeless vs traditional way of life?


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"People here follow a _____ way of life; things are still done the way they were in the past."

The options for the blank:


I'm perplexed as to which answer is right, "traditional" (because they still follow old traditions), "established" (the way of life that was once established in this area) or "changeless" (because it hasn't changed at all). Which word fits best? Why are the other two incorrect?
  • PaulQ

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    "things are still done the way they were in the past." - things are still done traditionally.

    established - a way that has been ordained; a way using fixed rules.

    changeless - weird word... don't use it here, it's inappropriate.

    The Newt

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    "Unchanging" would have been a possible option, perhaps, but "changeless," as Paul suggests, just sounds off. "Traditional" is the right choice.


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    "Established" is not possible in the sentence, because it would have to be "an established way of life". The sentence has "a" before the blank.

    If I had to choose, I would say "traditional".
    It is almost impossible for a way of life not to change a little with time, so "changeless" is unlikely; and "picturesque" is not necessarily related to following the ways of the past (though as Myridon points out, many traditions are picturesque).
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