changement de saison

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hi guys,

I translate"changement de saison" into english like this"season shift", is it ok or not?

Or maybe other possible translation,

wait for your replies:)

This is a direction of use for a cosmetic product. The original context is like this :

Renouvelez la cure 4 fois par an, à chaque changement de saison.

Any ideas?

Thanks you all
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    I found this on the Internet in a discussion of Camus' La Peste: "The narrator mentions that "the seasons are discriminated only in the sky," which suggests that things are just as mundane and repetitive before the plague begins as after it has settled in." With that meaning, it's not necessary to mention the changing of the seasons, because the rest of the sentence gives the meaning.
    Otherwise I might say something like "only the sky shows/admits/reveals/hints at the changing of the seasons", but those all sound so mundane that I will never win the Nobel Prize for literature.


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    Hello everybody,

    Is it also correct to say "the season change" or only "the changing/change of seasons" is correct (still regarding the weather)?

    Thank you in advance!
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