changing station on the chamber


We are in a Tom Waits' song, the atmosphere is of course gloomy and dodgy (much in Waits' style), this girl is waiting for her man, but he's had some problems:

He was going down to second
He was cooled
Changing stations on the chamber
To steal a diamond ring

My take is that he's been killed (cooled) while he was going down to the second (avenue, arrondissement, district, any of this sort), but I can't figure out the sentence about changing stations on the chamber. Is it referred to radio stations that he changed, and what's a chamber in this context? Of course it's a restroom or some place where political decisions are made, but I would be quite sure this isn't the case. I'm stuck, can anybody help me out of this quagmire?

Thank you!
  • It is opaque. I suggest you try to translate it literally, as literally as possible. It still will make little sense, I fear. But - after all- it is just a Tom Waits song. What do you expect?
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