chants de quêtes


I am currently translating a CV of somebody who did music studies. How do I translate into English the following:


-chants de quêtes

It is the name of a MA thesis and the full title goes like this: Les chants de quêtes a Chypre: un répertoire traditionnel en mouvement."

Thanks a bunch.
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  • Gil

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    chants de quêtes: begging songs
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    Agnès E.

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    Faire la quête = to take the collection
    During the ceremony, it is the moment when some people come with little bags and everyone gives them some money for the poor. It can be long, so I suppose these songs "chants de quête" are intented to keep minds busy during this time.
    Collection time songs?

    Répertoire traditionnel : "a traditional musical repertoire" could perhaps fit


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    charlie2 said:
    For "begging songs"..., do you have something in your pocket? ;) Please.

    Of course, and espacially for you:

    something else coming up...;)

    And what of Christmas carols? Well, they don't seem to have been popular in the Regency. There certainly are ones that predate the period, but if sung at all then, it was in church as hymns. The other sort of singing was the wassail, where groups would go around to houses singing what were usually frank begging songs, hoping for some food, some drink, and some money.

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