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Hello my Spanish speaking superiors. I have a specific question about a translation that I have gotten mixed answers on from a few native speakers that I know. So I thought I'd ask your opinions!

My question is, how would you translate the specific short phrase: "chaos into art" into Spanish?

If you need context, I mean it like in the sentance: "She turns chaos into art."

I think I've figured out the "caos" and "arte" parts but the confusion is in the connecting word. Would it be "en" or "a"? Or something else entirely?

I hope this isn't confusing. Thanks for any help you can offer!!
  • cubaMania

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    I think your problem may be that you are asking your question omitting the verb, whereas it is normally the verb which determines what preposition would be used. Ella convierte/transforma caos en arte. If you look up the verbs "to convert/convertir" or "to transform/transformar" you will see examples of their use (convert something into something) including the preposition in Spanish.
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