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So Many Questions

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I am translating a song from El Salvador - by the group Cutumay Camones. I don't know what the word "chapudito" intends.

Here is the context:

Vas a ver que linda vas a ser cuando seas libre
Bien peinadita, vestidito nuevo, cachetes chapuditos

"You'll see how beautiful you are when you're free,
Hair well brushed, dressed in new clothes, cheeks ???"

Thanks for your suggestions
  • k-in-sc

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    "Bien peinadita" would probably be more like "with a nice hairstyle," "with your hair done up" in the sense of having been to the hairstylist. "Vestidito nuevo" is more accurately "a (nice) new dress" and not "clothes" plural. "Cachetes chapuditos" would be "rosy cheeks."


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    Hi all,

    Translating the Salvadoran song Patria Chiquita Mia by Cutumay Camones.

    Bien peinadita, vestiditonuevo, cachetes chapuditos

    Not sure about chapuditos... "Hair combed, dresed in new clothes, with ...... cheeks"

    Help! Thank you for any ideas.
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