Chaque pas est une fête.

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i am reading an excerpt from La première gorgée de bière et autres plaisirs by Philippe Delerm.
And it's a little bit too difficult for me. Could anyone translate chaque pas est une fête in the following sentences?

Kerouac mains dans les poches, on a tout devancé : chaque pas est une fête.
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    You have to read this in the wider context of the piece as on its own the meaning really isn't clear.

    Delerm is describing the way he feels as he sneaks out of the house early in the morning and walks along the deserted street to the baker's to buy bread and croissants while the rest of the world is still in bed. As he walks along in the cold morning he feels free and adventurous, a Kerouac-type character.

    My effort : [...] each step is a celebration.

    Any other suggestions?
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