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Hello, everyone!
I was wondering about the meaning of a literary theory term in Romanian "proza caracterelor." I have researched for various translation versions online: "prose of characters" or "characters' prose" and I have already asked in the Romanian forum. This is just for security, because I can't find a reliable translation anywhere (university websites, literature magazines, you name it).
Context: it is in the course description of an English lit course at a university in Baia Mare. The term appears in the lecture on the Augustan era.
Now, literature is not my forte, so I would appreciate an explanation from those of you who know better.
My client wants to equate her studies in the States, so I can't afford to give her a wishy-washy translation.
Thanks in advance!
  • TimLA

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    I only find two Google hits for "proza caracterelor" - one is this thread, and the other is the original source text that you note.

    This often tells me that the phrase as stated is not fixed, nor common, and perhaps was developed by the person who wrote the text.
    Also of interest is the original is " proza 'caracterelor' " with the characters in quotes,
    which might also indicate something non-standard.

    Looking at some of the pages on "literary theory" I see things like "character dialogue" "dialogue between characters".

    What you might do is give it a first try with "character dialogue" then ask the client what the meaning of the phrase is, then come back and post it on this thread.


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    Hi Foxy, welcome to the forum:)
    I agree with Tim: we really need to know what it means before we can attempt to put a name to it:)


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    Thank you, Tim and Ewie! That's what I was trying to do, figure out a meaning before going head-first into the translation. I will probably take Tim's advice and ask my client.
    Thank you both again!
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