chargée de gestion administrative et financière

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  1. nounou2005 New Member

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    I'm writing US resume and cover letter and I don't know how to translate "chargée de gestion administrative et financière"...

    I was thinking of "administration manager", but I'm not sure it actually means something in english.

    Thanks !
  2. Wopsy

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    Are you using chargée as a noun or an adjective?
  3. nounou2005 New Member

    Washington, DC
    France - French
    I would say it's used as a noun...

    but if you have an idea of how to translate it if chargé is used as an adjective, feel free to share it :)
  4. gsspan New Member

    Montpellier, France
    How about "Manager, Finance and Administration" ? If you want to include the phrase as part of your job description I would say the following: "responsible for administrative and financial management".

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