1. Larissa2000 Senior Member

    English USA

    this is for a service desk application where you can customize the home page:

    You can display indicators with useful information on the home page of your workspace, such as the number of case files pending, the list of your technical responses, incidents categorized by status, etc.

    Ainsi, dès votre connexion, vous pouvez rapidement faire le point sur votre charge de travail grâce à ces éléments.

    Is charge de travail = workload here? I would have written "you can quickly take stock of what needs to be done" - not workload- it makes more sense to me.

    I just wanted to know if it's really likely that "charge de travail " = "workload" here or if there is another possible interpretation. There's nothing wrong if it's workload, btw.

  2. dasubergeek Senior Member

    English - US; French - CH

    No, it's pretty much just "workload". In this case it's the sum total of the things you have to do.

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