Charge up the hill

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  1. Betza Member

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    Hello, I'm translating from English into Spanish and I have: CHARGING UP THE HILL, here the context:

    We had conversations about what it really means to go into the Service, that it’s not charging up the hill necessarily.

    Do you think that not charging up the hill is like this is not something very difficult to do?? What would be the best Spanish translation?

  2. juandiego

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    Granada. España
    Spanish from Spain
    Cargar colina arriba
    Me suena haberlo oido en jerga militar.
  3. twen Senior Member

    U.S.A. - English
    Here, it means involvement in combat. Going into the Service is not going into combat necessarily.

    twen :)
  4. Londres

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    Hola Betza,

    I believe "Service" in this context means the armed forces. "Charging up the hill" would refer to soldiers in battle but joining the armed forces is not all about fighting. I hope this explanation is correct and that it will help you find the Spanish words you are looking for.

    This is a guess based on logic but that is often a dangerous thing to rely on so wait for other suggestions!

    Saludos desde Londres


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