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I'm working on the translation of a sentence about a scientific test involving "remote healers" (people that can allegedly heal by their mind).
In this test, these healers could affect red blood cells in a tube, and the author writes:
"These experiments are important because the mind of the healer was able to diectly interact with a living system, and one could not reasonably say that it was due to the placebo effect or a charming beside manner."
My try:
"Ces expériences sont importantes car l'esprit du guérisseur a été en mesure d'interagir directement avec un organisme vivant, et on ne peut raisonnablement pas dire que cela était dû à un effet placebo ou à a charming beside manner. "
Can I say:
"ou à une autre facteur bien commode"? (this is how I understand the underlined part at least)
Thank you!
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